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    Troubleshooting & Solutions of Extender

    Dec 31,2023 | EXVIST Official Store

    Q1 How do I troubleshoot a black screen on my 4K RX device?

    If you are experiencing a black screen on your 4K RX device, first check the resolution settings. If the default output resolution is set to 3840x2160p, and the display does not support 4K, the black screen may occur. In this case, try lowering the output resolution to 1080P or 720P by pressing and holding the RST button on the RX device for about 1 second to switch to different resolution outputs automatically. If the issue persists, it may be helpful to check the connections, cables, and power source to ensure they are properly connected and functioning. If the problem continues, contacting technical support for further assistance may be necessary.

    Q2. How do I address the issue of my RX device always displaying "Connect to TX"?

    If your RX device is continuously displaying "Connect to TX," the following steps may help resolve the issue:
    1. Ensure that the TX (transmitter) device is powered on and operating normally. Verify its connections and power source.
    2. If the image is stuck at the RX (receiver), try shortening the transmission distance between the TX and RX devices. This can help improve the stability of the signal transmission.
    If the problem persists after following these troubleshooting steps, consider checking the cables, connections, and settings on both the TX and RX devices. It may also be beneficial to consult the user manual or contact technical support for further assistance.

    Q3. How can I address the issue of my RX device always displaying "No Signal Input"?

    If your RX device constantly displays "No Signal Input," the following steps can help troubleshoot the issue:

    1. Check if the HDMI output from the signal source (e.g., a media player, gaming console, or other device) is normal. Ensure that the signal source is powered on and functioning properly.
    2. Confirm if the output resolution from the signal source is within the supported range of the RX device. If the output resolution exceeds the supported range, it may result in a "No Signal Input" message. Adjust the output resolution of the signal source if necessary.
    3. Verify that the signal source is securely connected to the HDMI IN port of the TX (transmitter) device. Ensure that the HDMI cable is properly connected and functional.
    By performing these checks, you can troubleshoot common issues that may cause the "No Signal Input" message on the RX device. If the problem persists, consider examining the HDMI cables, connections, and settings as well as contacting technical support for further assistance.

    Q4. How do I address the issue of my RX device always displaying "No Match"?

    If your RX device consistently displays "No Match," it indicates that the TX (transmitter) and RX (receiver) devices are not paired. Here are steps to address this issue:

    1. Pairing: The TX and RX devices should be paired to establish a connection. By default, they are typically factory-paired. If the devices have been reset to factory settings or if you are adding a new receiver, re-pairing the devices is necessary.
    2. Re-pairing Process: To re-pair the devices, please refer to Quick Start of 4K Extender.
    3. Factory Settings: If you need to restore factory settings on the devices, be aware that re-pairing will likely be required after this process.
    By re-pairing the devices according to the above instructions, you can address the "No Match" issue displayed on the RX device. If further assistance is needed, consider reaching out to technical support for guidance.

    Q5. How can I address the issue of short transmission distance for my wireless devices?

    If you are experiencing a weak signal or short transmission distance with your wireless devices, consider the following steps to improve the signal strength:

    1. Adjust Antenna Angle or Device Placement: For devices with adjustable antennas, try varying the angle to optimize signal reception. Additional